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Branding the Brew: Graphic Design in the Coffee Industry

Coffee shops have exploded over the past few years. As a designer and fellow coffee lover, it is exciting to see the branding and matriculation that goes into creating a coffee brand. Most people must realize that these coffee spots' brand strategy must go beyond just the rich taste of espresso or iced coffee. Here is a list of some coffee shops in Orange County, CA, absolutely killing it on their branding.

Play Coffee - Orange, CA

Nestled in the vibrant city of Orange, California, Play Coffee has taken the art of branding to new heights with its captivating design and delightful typography. Beyond the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee, Play Coffee has seamlessly integrated the power of typography to create an enchanting experience for its patrons. Walking into Play Coffee feels like a pleasant partnering of the old and the new. Nestled into the old Wells Fargo building, the building highlights beautiful Art Deco architecture, with the coffee stand utilizing and highlighting a step into the future with its modern and fun coffee bar. Their expertly chosen packaging and typography is a critical element that contributes to this magical atmosphere. From the menu boards to the coffee cups, it evokes a sense of playfulness and charm. The combination of bold fonts and fun colors creates an enticing contrast that captures the essence of the coffee shop's personality.

Bear Coast Coffee - San Clemente, CA

I tried Bear Coast Coffee on the last morning of a bachelorette weekend. I was surprised to see the line out the door at the San Clemente Pier location, but it made sense after trying the Vanilla Nutmeg Latte. Their coffee is smooth and has the perfect amount of sweetness; definitely, a great way to end a long weekend. The interior had a light and airy feel, and although it was busy, everyone who worked there was amiable, and the blue and greens used throughout the store gave nods to the ocean outside. At Bear Coast Coffee, their logo combining the bear shape and their typography goes beyond just serving as a means of communication; it becomes a visual feast for the eyes. The typography used in their shirts and cup designs reflects the passion and creativity of the baristas and the brand itself.

Able Coffee Roasters - Fullerton, CA

Able Coffee Roasters are a heartwarming coffee shop in the heart of Fullerton, CA, right across the street from Cal State Fullerton. They stand out not only for their exceptional coffee but also for their inspiring commitment to inclusivity. Able Coffee Roasters' branding and logo design exude warmth, compassion, and creativity, perfectly reflecting the shop’s mission of employing individuals with special needs. The logo features a stylized puzzle piece, recognizing the Autism Speaks logo as well. The calming blue hues and friendly font used in the branding evoke a sense of approachability and genuine hospitality, making every visitor feel welcome and appreciated. Able Coffe Roasters’ remarkable dedication to providing meaningful employment opportunities shines through in their beautifully crafted brand identity, leaving a lasting impression on their delightful coffee and impactful mission.

The coffee industry is a dynamic and competitive market that thrives on innovation, quality, and customer experience. Branding and logo design plays a pivotal role in shaping the success and identity of a coffee brand. A well-crafted logo with a unique and memorable design can create a solid emotional connection with consumers, instill trust, and differentiate a brand from its competitors. Combining a thoughtful branding strategy with an eye-catching logo allows coffee shops to effectively communicate their values, story, and commitment to delivering exceptional products and services. As the industry evolves, investing in distinctive branding and logo design will remain essential for coffee brands to captivate customers, foster loyalty, and establish a lasting presence in this ever-evolving market.

If you want to elevate your coffee shop’s branding, please email us at, or click here to schedule your first 30-minute free discovery call.

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