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How to Create a Brand That Stands Out on the Shelves

You’ve finally created a kick-ass product, and now you need to get it out to consumers at the grocery store. Packaging will be the most significant driving force in ensuring it catches shoppers' eyes. Shelf placement is super important as well. Brands pay a premium to grocery stores to get the optimal shelf space. The center or eye-level shelf is always the most desired shelf for food placement.

First, ensure your design is simple and highlights your product. Keeping the design simple will make it easier for consumers to understand what you’re offering at first glance. Color theory is also essential to consider as well. A lot of fast-food restaurants like McDonalds utilize the colors red and yellow. This color combination is eye-catching and immediately subconsciously creates a mouth-watering reaction from consumers. Blue is a color that makes the brand seem trustworthy, as well as a color that is associated with a lot of water brands. Green is also utilized in packaging for products that are considered clean or on the healthier side. The colors utilized in your logo and the color of the packaging are two things that go hand in hand when creating your packaging design. Subconsciously, consumers have an assumed emotion with each color, so it's best to be aware of this and that you're communicating your brand’s values through color choice.

Secondly, consider utilizing strong brand photography and critical design elements on your packaging. You can use brand photography to target your key market by ensuring your food product looks impressive. Selling your product is the main focus, so as a designer who focuses on packaging, we want to highlight and encourage your product through design, colors, and brand photography.

Overall, how your brand packaging looks and feels speaks a lot about your brand. Beautiful packaging will likely be picked off shelves at first glance, so let's ensure your product is the one consumers are reaching for first. I know that I have solely bought items based on beautiful packaging. Creating a brand that stands out on shelves is a significant factor in the food and beverage industry. Let us help you bring your dream to life and ensure that consumers grab your product when they’re at the store. If you would like to schedule a free 30-minute discovery call, you can do so by emailing us at

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